Why Do We Choose Coffee Capsule?

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Drink ten years of coffee, drink the best coffee to 5 points, the capsule machine should be able to get the taste of 3 to 4 points. More than twenty flavors also called no change, the difference between the nose even smell out, called the only difference between shades. And basically every one has enough integrity, and there is no particularly difficult choice to drink. I do not even believe in finding 20 unique styles of coffee in a city cafe.

To be honest, on their own drum a few days tens of thousands of tens of thousands of engage in a variety of equipment, cook out of the capsule machine may not have espresso. Not to mention stable coffee beans is a headache problem. There are all kinds of cleaning, all kinds of powder, all kinds of stagnant water, every day busy to die have to spend a lot of time to make coffee really a headache. All domestic novice to recommend semi-automatic coffee machine, have overlooked the previous great learning costs.

Only a variety of coffee machine appearance and function of the difference, the function is nothing more than milk foam bubble, there is no liquid crystal screen LCD screen. The new models are 19Par (this is only the maximum). If not bad money, it is recommended to buy Lattissima Touch with automatic milk foam function, some of the features, the sea Amoy on the one thousand, that is, loading milk part of the more trouble.
In addition, the level of the coffee shop is uneven, and the capsule machine is given a basic evaluation criteria than the capsule machine hard to drink, do not go drink. The taste of coffee used to be hard to get what you pay for, expensive not necessarily better than cheaper, and finally classified by Nestle as a company, nespresso, gusto dolce and barista, File money, how good.

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