Which Coffee Capsule Is Better In Market,nespresso,dolce Gusto,lavazza?

- Jan 03, 2018 -

1, Nespresso capsule capsule which model cost is relatively high?

Do not milk function, then buy the cheapest that is certainly cost-effective, you need milk foam, then buy Taiwan milk machine chant.
Lattissima Touch abroad is very good, about double the entry price, similar to fully automatic coffee machine, can do cappuccino. The domestic price is extremely pit father (3888), can be purchased in the basic models of the price (1200) to buy Taiwan semi-automatic machine special milk.

2, Nespresso capsule quality and Nescafe the same? Which one is better with Lavazza?

Dolce Gusto is a toy, except for Lungo barely able to drink, the rest is a taste of low-cost convenience store coffee. In addition, all with milk are capsule milk powder, but also with sugar, unless you really do not matter taste, simply looking for a drink drink, anyway, not expensive, buy a try not bad.

Nespresso quite satisfactory, espresso I feel qualified, lungo taste subdued.

Lavazza what a ghost, only drank his powder, personally feel the taste of general.

Nespresso is not afraid to go wrong, at least the Nestle official website to do much more beautiful.

3, the advantages and disadvantages of each of the three machines and what is the difference?
Dolce Gusto is a toy. Advantages: cheap, easy to make all kinds of milk coffee; Disadvantages: supporting capsules are difficult to drink; difference: the capsules and machines are cheap, the supermarket can buy capsules, Nestle's mid-range product line.

Nespresso machine price is too expensive country, I think that the price of foreign countries can not pick any problems. Advantages: Capsule machine to complete the highest degree, and does not occupy the place; Disadvantages: In addition to Lattissima series, to do a little coffee with a little trouble. Capsule is too small, not enough to drink; Difference: Nestle high-end product line, the capsule is not very good to buy, better hotel are free to use, did not force.
Lavazza too small, never used. Advantages: forcing high, can not find a few places to sell; Disadvantages: the title you really think Lavazza coffee drinkable? Difference: Watching Nestle fire, quickly followed out some misappropriating it. In fact, illy is doing the same thing

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