What Is The Different Between Starbucks Coffee And Nespresso?

- Apr 04, 2018 -

This is the ingredient list for Nestle Instant Coffee (products from JD.com): white granulated sugar, non-dairy creamer [glucose syrup, edible hydrogenated vegetable oil, stabilizer (E340, E452, E331), sodium caseinate (milk protein), Emulsifiers, (E471, 472e) flavorants/flavors, anti-caking agents (E551)], instant coffee.
According to the national mandatory standard, “General Standard for Food Labeling”, the order of the ingredients is not arbitrary, and all ingredients must be arranged one by one according to the decreasing order of the amount of added ingredients. The amount of ingredients added in front of the ingredient list should be more. The less added, the more in the back, which means that the content of coffee in Nestle instant coffee is far less than the amount of sugar and miscellaneous composition of the non-dairy creamer, saying that this is a coffee is really a bit embarrassing.
In the 1930s, the giant behemoth of Brazil began to encourage coffee cultivation. As a result, global coffee production soared, prices plummeted, and Brazil, which had a lot of unsold goods, found Nestlé. They cooperated to improve and introduce spray drying methods for immediate use. The purpose of the so-called drying method in coffee manufacture is to extract the caffeine in coffee beans. Therefore, the quality and baking conditions of coffee beans are completely negligible. Brazil's coffee beans are generally divided into 5 grades. Nestlé usually chooses only the worst 5 grades. With the use of foreign grades as coffee powder, this time the coffee can not be re-appeared at the time of the World War II. The first users are the soldiers who are desperately exhausted in the battlefield, but are looking for a spirit to fight. Our taste is not a problem at all. Even if it is a horse-breathing style, they will all continue to drink. After all, their lives will be critical.
After the war, the huge production capacity is still there. It seems that it is not a way for the people to drink horse urine. The unique aroma and taste of coffee beans have long been lost in the many high-temperature operations (cooking, enrichment and drying) and they have to be added. Flavors/flavors are used to make up for lost aromas. Later in the process, melamine is added to adjust the taste. Of course, what is important for the industrialization of stabilizers and emulsifiers is the essential achievements. These sevens and eighty-eight are mixed in sugar. Here is the instant coffee you drink:)
In fact, you just drank a bag of caffeine granules.
Starbucks, whether loaded or not, is hard to drink, but at least it is a real cup of hard-to-drink coffee that cannot be compared to granules.
If you are in order to refresh, that is, for caffeine, the following figure can help you choose:


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