Opportunities For The Development Of Coffee Capsules Industry

- Jul 03, 2017 -

Opportunities for the development of Coffee Capsules industry

Coffee Capsules are familiar and unfamiliar to many of us. It is familiar with the survey, which shows that over 90% of people in a number of large and medium-sized cities have interviewed more than 2,000 consumers, and more than 90% said they had taken Coffee Capsules. Says it is strange, because, though most people drank coffee capsule, but it is difficult to like the tea say every doorway to charting, and the formation of the proportion of drinking habits is not high also. The survey also showed that 90 percent of the respondents drank instant Coffee Capsules, while more than one in 10 drank the roasted Coffee Capsules and 30 percent drank other Coffee Capsules.

Although coffee consumption in China has not yet reached the degree of thorough popular feeling, but it is this consumption characteristics capsules industry development provides a lot of space, especially in recent years, the development is very rapid. , according to London international capsules group compared with the 2% increase in global average, China's coffee consumption is astonishing speed growth by 15% per year, is expected to become the most potential in the world coffee consumption power, visible Chinese coffee industry development space is huge in the future. The market for Coffee Capsules in China is expected to reach 300 billion yuan by 2020 and 1 trillion yuan by 2025. Though coffee industry started late in China, but should seize the rare opportunities of development from the capsule to coffee capsule production, to build brand and expand consumption, the whole industry chain, will capsules industry bigger and stronger.

Recently, kunming in yunnan province in China at the 26th world conference on capsules science is the coffee industry in China to get great progress and will get more development opportunities and a very good market space. World capsules science congress every two years in capsules each producer and consumer to hold an international capsules scientific meeting, show himself in the capsules for coffee workers in the fields of science and technology has made the latest achievements of the platform, is coffee industry only, the most influential and authoritative conference (also known as the coffee capsule scientific Olympics). The meeting held in our country, marked the comprehensive strength of the coffee industry in China, will also marks the Chinese and global coffee producer and consumer stage dialogue, improve the international status of China capsules for the future has great role in promoting. The success of the conference will promote the rapid development of China's coffee and capsule industry, promote the scientific and technological progress of China's coffee industry, and vigorously promote regional economic development.

In addition, the coffee and capsule industry not only needs enterprises to seize the opportunity to develop, but also the industry association that serves the enterprise should be timely to help the industry development. Coffee Capsules as an important classification of baked goods, China baked goods and sugar products industry association recently held the coffee capsule industry branch establishment conference. The conference pointed out that the production of Coffee Capsules in our country accounts for 1.5% of the global production of Coffee Capsules. Surrounding countries and regions as the coffee consumption is popular, Chinese consumers in the capsule also gradually formed, the pace of development and growth space capsule consumption is more and more attention by the world. Especially in recent years, with the rise of the Coffee Capsules in the bakery industry compound west bakery, the development of the coffee capsule industry has been accelerated. The coffee capsule industry branch is established to better and faster accelerate the fusion of west point and Coffee Capsules, deepening industry services. After the establishment of the coffee capsule industry, it will deepen the industry service and increase the participation of the industry. With training, BBS, contests, exhibitions, publications and other means to strengthen the influence of the coffee industry branch, the real work for enterprise and industry, promote capsules industry grow fast and good. Expand international vision and enhance international malleability. To strengthen international exchanges, set up foreign exchange platform, including and major foreign coffee capsule production areas in China and abroad, the main raw materials and to establish contact and instrument supplier to build relationships, to strengthen international cooperation in training and information exchange, introduction and participate in international competitions. We will establish and improve the industry standards for relevant Coffee Capsules, improve the system of personnel training and promote the sustainable development of the industry.

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