Nespresso Coffee Machine Highlights Its Own In The Hotel Equipment Market In A Strong Advantage

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Nespresso Coffee Machine highlights its own in the hotel equipment market in a strong advantage

    With the Chinese hotel industry for services and hardware facilities more and more perfect requirements, our company for the hotel market launched automatic coffee beverage machine in the star hotel to improve the hotel grade is very important chips, its advantages are mainly reflected in:

    1, to meet the hotel supplies "rigid demand"

    Among the many categories of hotel supplies, kitchen equipment, food and beverage equipment, guest room appliances, lobby supplies and other facilities will have to use Nespresso Coffee Machine, juice machine and other beverage equipment. Buffet breakfast, meeting the refreshments will naturally use this equipment, the central kitchen, water bar production office will appear Nespresso Coffee Machine, juice machine figure. At present, the top luxury hotels, suites, the lobby will also be equipped with such facilities.

    2, to enhance the hotel image

    At present in the five-star or super five-star hotel inside, some first-line hotel to spend a lot of money to buy imported automatic Nespresso Coffee Machine or semi-automatic Nespresso Coffee Machine, but said the operation is extremely complex, because the purchase of a device, Vendors have to pay a lot of effort to train the hotel waiter. In China, to the service to do this level of five-star hotel, but also about 1000. Many other Samsung four-star hotel, buffet breakfast or afternoon refreshments will generally use the more primitive way, the waiter in the breakfast before the coffee, fruit juice and other drinks hand-prepared, placed in the high stainless steel pot, so that customers take their own drink. Coffee quality of the more elegant guests, this coffee is estimated that can not drink, too rough!

    Now more and more hotels to "red star", Samsung red four stars, four stars red five-star, so the market appeared a lot of "quasi-four-star" "quasi-five-star." Improve service grade, the hotel's hardware facilities must upgrade, hotel procurement needs in the hotel supplies to rack their brains to do a round of investigation work. Automatic high-end Nespresso Coffee Machine, juice machine and other beverage equipment in many hotels become essential hotel supplies.

    3, stable quality, easy operation, elegant appearance

    Imports of automatic or semi-automatic Nespresso Coffee Machine general operation is not convenient, which is also mentioned in the first article, semi-automatic, not to mention, unsanitary or inconvenient. Automatic import Nespresso Coffee Machine are generally Europe and the United States equipment, these devices are generally designed for the development of European and American habits, many details are actually not suitable for Chinese hotel use, according to our survey, a high-end large equipment purchase Into the hotel, the use of training, familiar with the general use of 1 to 2 weeks time, and if the equipment operator flow, training to start again, very cumbersome. Concerned about the needs of the hotel market, Wuhan Goldman Sachs Wai Yip for the hotel dedicated beverage machine to do a lot of investigation, research, and foreign beverage authority of the R & D team to carry out strategic cooperation, research and development to produce a number of easy operation, quality and stability of the automatic Nesi Cable machine, all the machines are a key operation, and maintenance is very simple, all parts are plug-in design, the basic hands of a screwdriver to complete the loading and unloading of all equipment.

    4, affordable

    Nespresso Coffee Machine all equipment are used in production lines, greatly reducing the cost of production, while quality assurance has a more systematic management. Procurement is generally imported equipment with the price of 1 / 3-1 / 2, so the price will not let some of the procurement in the "brand promotion" and "limit the cost" of the cracks in the dilemma.

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