Making Use Of Coffee Capsules

- Apr 19, 2017 -

The production of this capsule, the coffee beans after special treatment made of coffee powder sealed in a similar "fruit frozen" in the aluminum platinum space, while in the capsule filled with non-toxic inert gases to prolong the shelf life again sterilization. When you need to brew coffee, put this coffee capsule into a special capsule coffee machine and press the boiling key, no other operation. In addition to the coffee capsule, there is another kind of different coffee capsules, the English is coffee pod, French is Dosette, coffee machine is mostly made by German or Dutch small household electrical appliances producers, so coffee powder bags sometimes also write coffee pad, from German writing. Chinese are sometimes translated into: coffee powder pods, coffee cakes, coffee soft packs or coffee packs. The difference between the powder capsule and the capsule is that, in general, the powder bag is made of filter paper or special material plastic, very much like tea bag. Therefore, in the production process is comparatively easy, the material wastes less, the environment will not cause excessive threat, but due to the limitations of the powder capsule material, can not inject water vapor into the powder capsule, only hot-boiling, so that the production of coffee is not pure, but because of its relatively low price, also by many people's favor. The production of coffee powder bags of the main brands are: Senseo, Tassimo and so on.

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