How To Maintain The Pod Coffee Machine

- Sep 04, 2017 -

How to maintain the Pod Coffee Machine
As a new product, the Pod Coffee Machine has been popular since it has been produced. It should be the world, to bring great convenience. Use it not only save time, but also to ensure the freshness of coffee beans. However, even a high-quality Pod Coffee Machine, to extend its service life, but also inseparable from the appropriate maintenance methods. So how to maintain the Pod Coffee Machine?
1, clean the head
After each use of Pod Coffee Machine, have to wash the head. Pay attention to the first time in the cleaning of the Pod Coffee Machine brewing head removed, and then its clean, to prevent the water during the process of infiltration of other parts of the machine, causing damage to the Pod Coffee Machine.
2, the regular replacement of boiler water
The user should replace the boiler water on a quarterly basis. In the process of Pod Coffee Machine work, will lead to part of the scale accumulation in the machine. Regular replacement of boiler water can prevent the accumulation of large scale, but also to ensure the good quality of coffee.
3, regular debugging of water pressure and pressure
When the Pod Coffee Machine water pressure is not enough or pressure is not enough, it will affect the user's daily use, and then lead to machine failure. Regularly commissioning water pressure and pressure can prevent this from happening.
4, dealing with dirt and residue
An indispensable step in the maintenance of the Pod Coffee Machine is to clean it regularly. In the Pod Coffee Machine for people to work for some time, will cause a certain amount of dirt and residue accumulated in the machine, not timely clean, let it accumulate in the machine, will lead to machine blockage, machine work is not smooth and so on, Affect the Pod Coffee Machine for a long time use.
5, clean the outside
Wipe the Pod Coffee Machine body with a clean damp cloth. If it is difficult to wipe the dirt, it can be cleaned with a special cleaning agent. In the scrubbing process, be careful not to let the water penetrate.
A good craft product requires the user's intention to care, and a reliable Pod Coffee Machine also need to carefully care. So in the usual days the user needs to clean, check, spend a little more thought, both to extend its life, their use and handy, and clean appearance can increase its ornamental.
Optional automatic pods coffee machine, as far as possible will be supporting the complete selection of auxiliary equipment, because each person has different taste, and this device pay more attention to the Pod Coffee Machine clean, so should clean appliances and brewing aids and so on. You can ask the business whether to support ounce cups, coffee cups, pressure hammer, pull flower mold, pull flower needle, cleaning brush and other auxiliary products, to avoid the high cost of individual purchase; in the daily use of Pod Coffee Machine should be strictly in accordance with the instructions, Operation to shorten the life of the Pod Coffee Machine. The following Xiaobian to introduce you to the use of automatic Pod Coffee Machine a few notes.
First note the timely cleaning of the boiler
Currently on the market most of the quality of the automatic automatic Pod Coffee Machine boiler for the stainless steel, if the Pod Coffee Machine use more frequently, the boiler wall often white precipitate, so the timely cleaning of the boiler, to avoid dirt caused by Pod Coffee Machine heating Slowing the speed or lower extraction temperature, affecting the taste of coffee.
The second note not to coffee beans long-term placed in the equipment
Many people are accustomed to storing coffee beans in pods and coffee machines, but if the pods coffee machine is used at a lower frequency, care should be taken not to put coffee beans in the equipment for a long time. , Because the coffee beans in the absorption of air moisture will expand, the next grinding easy to use when blocked.

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