How To Correctly Use The Semi-automatic Italian K Cup Coffee Machine?

- Nov 06, 2017 -

How to correctly use the semi-automatic Italian K Cup Coffee Machine?
Italian K Cup Coffee Machine has been developed very long ago, after numerous improvements in the future, it gradually formed the current advanced K Cup Coffee Machine. One of the most popular Italian K Cup Coffee Machines is the semi-automatic Italian K Cup Coffee Machine, which is relatively easy to operate and produces high-quality Italian coffee. So how to use Italian K Cup Coffee Machine to cook delicious coffee? Today, Xiaobian introduced to everyone under the Italian-style coffee machine K cup coffee practice:
(1) First of all, turn the power switch of the Italian semi-automatic K Cup Coffee Machine to the heating position, and the K Cup Coffee Machine heats up first. Fifteen minutes later, until the pressure gauge on the K Cup Coffee Machine reaches the previously set position, the machine is already warm and ready for use.
(2) The coffee beans prepared in advance into the grinder tank (depending on how much to drink according to their own number to be) before making coffee Italian K Cup Coffee Machine switch, add some water from the two faucets, Let K Cup Coffee Machine fully heat a few minutes.
(3 open the coffee grinder power began to grind coffee beans, (first do not grind too broken, so it will grind too much powder, the smell of coffee powder is easy to lose.) Turn the filter handle to the left, the handle into the mill Under the bean machine, pull the handle of the duster, use the end of the small head of the duster to tap the edge of the filter to flatten the powder, and then press the other end of the large head vertically downwards to compact the powder. Tap the edge of the filter with one end of the small head, and the second with the bulk end until the ground coffee sprinkles evenly.
(4) First open the coffee switch to release hot water for 4 seconds, and then hang the handle on the machine tap to tighten, press the start button, you can start brewing coffee (remember to filter the residual powder at the edge of the erase ).
(5) put the coffee cup on the K Cup Coffee Machine faucet outlet, press the corresponding coffee key. Remember that after the coffee is done turn the handle to the coffee slag into the slag bucket, wipe the filter with a rag, the handle light button on the faucet press the preheat insulation key.
(6) the final coffee is done, we can add sugar or add milk according to their own preferences.
As coffee is increasingly becoming an indispensable drink in modern life, not only is there a growing variety of coffee shops, many coffee lovers also try to make their own coffee at home. As the semi-automatic Italian K Cup Coffee Machine is easy to operate, easy to clean and the pure coffee is made, Italian K Cup Coffee Machines are now increasingly used in domestic and commercial life.
Grinder K Cup Coffee Machine purchase and grinding is equally important, Xiaobian often found in the life of some coffee shop spent a lot of money to buy Grinder K Cup Coffee Machine, grind out of the coffee taste is mediocre, or some coffee grinder superb technology , But because of the use of grinding machine K Cup Coffee Machine poor, so the taste of coffee has always been lacking, in order to help the majority of coffee to solve these troubles, bubble out delicious coffee, Xiao Bian tell you about Grinder K Cup Coffee Machine Purchase and grinding essentials.
No matter what kind of grinding beans K Cup Coffee Machine, have to grasp the essentials: 1, the particle size should be uniform, if uneven, brewed coffee taste will not be coordinated. In order not to destroy the original aroma of coffee, grinding should be careful to ensure that the particles evenly. 2, to avoid friction heat, high-speed grinding of coffee beans, will produce heat due to friction, this heat will make coffee powder metamorphism, or the loss of flavor of coffee ingredients. Manual grinding, especially easy to produce heat, pay attention to slow grinding. 3, remove the fine powder, ground coffee beans, there will be some fine powder, such as mixed inside, brewing will release tannin and other bitter substances. Fine powder in the use of electric grind k cup coffee opportunities will produce more.

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