Coffee Machine History

- Oct 24, 2017 -

Coffee Machine history
From the development trend of Coffee Machines, its emergence is due to the labor-intensive industrial structure to the technology-intensive society, the product of change. Mass production, large consumption and consumption patterns and changes in the sales environment, requiring the emergence of new distribution channels; and the relative supermarkets, department stores and other new distribution channels, the production costs continue to rise; coupled with the limitations of the site As well as the convenience of shopping and other factors, unmanned Coffee Machine as a necessary machine will come into being.
Coffee Machines in general terms is put into coins, banknotes, credit cards, etc. can be sold after the goods of machinery, in terms of narrow sense is the automatic sale of goods machinery. From the supply conditions, the Coffee Machine can fully complement the shortage of human resources to adapt to changes in the consumption environment and consumption patterns, 24-hour unmanned sales system can be more effort, the need for less capital, small size Attract people to buy curiosity of their own performance, can be a good solution to the problem of rising labor costs and other advantages.
It is said that the world's oldest Coffee Machine in the third century BC, it is the Egyptian temple in the coin-style holy water sale machine. In the 17th century, there was a cigar Coffee Machine in the British bar. In the history of Coffee Machines, Japan developed a practical type of Coffee Machines, that is after entering this century. Japan's first Coffee Machine is the 1904 "stamp postcard automatic sellers", it is set stamps postcards for sale and mail management as one of the machines. The real popularity of Coffee Machines was after the Second World War. In the 1950s, the "Waterjet Juice Coffee Machine" was popular, and the juice was poured into the cups for sale. Later, as the US beverage company entered the Japanese market, in 1962, appeared in the Coffee Machine as the main body of the circulation of the revolution. In 1967, 100 yen units below the currency all changed to coins, thus contributing to the development of Coffee Machine industry.
Now, the Coffee Machine industry is moving towards information and further rationalization. Such as the online way, through the telephone line to the Coffee Machine inventory information in a timely manner to send the business point of the computer, so as to ensure the delivery of goods, supplement and the smooth selection of goods. And, in order to prevent the global warming, the development of Coffee Machine is committed to energy saving, energy-saving soft drinks Coffee Machine to become the mainstream of the industry. In the summer electricity consumption peak, this type of Coffee Machine even in the case of turn off the cooler to maintain a low temperature, compared with the previous Coffee Machines, it can save 10-15% of the electricity. Into the 21st century, the Coffee Machine will also further to save resources and energy and high-functional direction.
The Coffee Machine was originally intended to correspond to the increased labor costs. Now the cost of the labor market in China's metropolis has also increased significantly, the use of space within the building and the surrounding environment have undergone dramatic changes, as well as the Olympic Games and other large international event to the metropolis as the center in the building environment Will be more and more convenient to the direction of development. Because Coffee Machines can sell a wide variety of goods, which is very consistent with China's national conditions, it is estimated that Coffee Machines in China's demand will be very large, plus personal and small and medium enterprises of Coffee Machines With the continuous expansion of business, individual or company due to demand, it is estimated that the circulation of Coffee Machines, such as the flow of goods will have leap-style development.
According to foreign development experience, the preparation of the Chinese Coffee Machine professional committee on the mainland China vending machine application market to make the forecast is that at least 10 million start-up machine, the annual production value of 1 billion yuan to the development period At least 50 million units should be cloth, the annual GDP should reach 10 billion yuan, and the maturity will reach 3 million units, the annual GDP will reach 60 billion yuan, when China's Coffee Machine will develop Become a huge industry.

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