Coffee Capsules

- Apr 19, 2017 -

Coffee capsule This name is completely translated from the English name, capsule The meaning of English is capsule, although it is a drink, but the same name as a medicine. However, the name does vividly reflect the characteristics of the coffee capsule, like medicinal capsules, and the colloidal packaging contains powdered substances. The advantage of coffee capsules is that because the capsule wall is more rigid, at high temperatures to maintain a good prototype, so it can inject high-pressure water vapor into the capsule, so that the coffee under the pressure of a complete precipitation with crema, coffee fat, concentrated coffee, this can better guarantee the mellow coffee. The main brands of coffee capsules are: Nestle's Nespresso, K-cup, Italian Oro (Auve, Lavazza, Monodor, Gaggia Ecaffe and Han Pai Allcream, etc.).

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