The principle of coffee machine

- Apr 19, 2017 -

Since 1901 Luigi Bezzera launched the first steam pressure commercial coffee machine, whether it is Pavoni Gaggia or other use of vapor or piston as pressure to the machine is only one boiler: the bottom of the boiler for the brewing of hot water, the above provides steam but in order to make steam, the whole boiler must be heated to boiling, so that near boiling point of hot water burns coffee powder, lost deep in the coffee powder of the aromatic grease, more extract to remove the bitter coffee. Because of the boiling coffee water is heated in a large boiler, water in the boiler will not be fresh, and the temperature of hot water will be due to the use of steam increase, because of the different amount of steam, also increase the hot water of coffee brewing temperature difference. In order to improve the temperature difference, Ernesto Valente in 1960, the world's first pumping as a source of pressure in FAEMAE61, changed the heating of the water used to wash coffee, let the boiling water of coffee is not directly exposed to heat, but using a similar water-separated heating method.

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