The characteristics of the coffee machine

- Apr 19, 2017 -

Live Coffee pot: 1. Automatic coffee machine: As long as the beans in the beans trough, the sink filled with water, a few ten seconds after a cup of fragrant coffee appeared in front of you. Advantages: Simple operation, coffee after the instant high-pressure bubble, rich flavor. Disadvantage: High price-really expensive AH! 2. Charged Mocha Pot: In the following pot body add water, the middle of the coffee powder, and then put the powder funnel in the pot body below, put the upper and lower two pot body tight. Plug in the power supply, after a few minutes, boiled coffee all over the above pot body, declare complete. Advantages: operation is also simple, the coffee after high pressure flavor rich, fragrant pure, prices from decades to hundreds of dollars. Disadvantage: After drinking coffee, it is best to wash the coffee pot, or the time has long influence the appearance of the pot body. 3. Electrically powered semi-automatic coffee machine: in the handle to mount the coffee powder, the handle to the coffee machine, plug in the power supply, soon a cup of coffee cooked. The cheapest price is hundreds of dollars. Advantages: Semi-automatic coffee machine cooked out of the coffee with the automatic coffee machine, but also through the instant high-pressure bubble out, the flavor is equally strong. Disadvantage: To use coffee powder, and cook coffee to clean immediately.

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