internal and external Bag Automatic Packaging Machine FAQ and solution

- Apr 19, 2017 -

One, part of the packaging machine does not rotate, may be the motor is broken or the motor circuit breaker, the replacement of the motor or the circuit can; second, the machine running abnormal, there may be foreign bodies falling into the gear or rotating department, that needs to be cleaned up, carefully inspect the packaging machine all gear or rotation department third, if there is a bad packaging bag sealing phenomenon, may be the heat seal roller pressure uneven, according to machine instructions to adjust the heat sealing and left pressure; 4. The product packaging bags are not sealed, may be the heating element burned down, replacing the heating element V. If the bag cut is bad, it may be cutting knife gear wear, replace the gear; 6. The bag falls into the outer bag often blocking card, may be the bag bag time is wrong, adjust the proximity switch cam; 7, the temperature is too high or shut down when the packaging film caused by hot sealing of coke, low temperature, the pressure roller to adjust the reference to the fourth part of the temperature control meter adjustment and the sixth part of the whole machine the pressure regulation of longitudinal seal in the mode; 8. There is a foreign body stuck in the dead or the transmission mechanism is not matched so that some institutions do not rotate, Find the axle material or the transmission mechanism to cooperate well; IX. There are foreign bodies falling into gear or parts damaged, the machine operates abnormally, after the shutdown, find foreign bodies; replace damaged parts; X. Crease problems and packaging film sealing edge, adjust the pressure of sealing roller, see the adjustment of molding machine

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