A brief history of coffee machine development

- Apr 19, 2017 -

1903, Desiderio Pavoni acquired Bezzera's design patents, and since 1905 he began making this coffee machine. Later, Teresio Arduino also began to produce similar coffee machines, other producers have followed, 20 years, Italian coffee shops everywhere the traces of this coffee machine. But Italians are apparently not very satisfied with the results of the vapor pressure coffee machine. Steam should be able to increase the pressure through the vapor, but the heat may cause the coffee powder to be burned in the cooking process, losing the aroma of deep in the coffee powder, and more extract the bitter coffee. Therefore, some people think that: can not be directly pressurized in hot water, rather than boiling water, vapor as pressure? Between the two wars, people use the natural pressure from the tap water to increase the pressure of cooking coffee. The coffee machine uses electricity to quickly heat a small pot of water to the boiling temperature, and each pot is boiled a coffee, and each small pot is connected to the faucet separately. As long as the operator lightly presses the pole on the small pot, the pressure of the faucet pushes the hot water in the small pot to the coffee powder. According to the regional water pressure difference, in general, the pressure of this coffee machine produced by the steam pressure coffee machine more than 1.5 pressure is larger.

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