What Precautions Should Be Given When Using K Cup Coffee Machine

- Oct 13, 2017 -

K Cup Coffee Machine at the time of use, be sure to follow the instructions of how it works, at the same time also need to pay attention to some taboo, avoid irregularities when use, affect the Coffee Machine, pay particular attention to, this kind of Coffee Machine can't in the Coffee Machine grinding under the circumstances of less internal waters or boil, so, what other matters needing attention when in use?

1. When unused, the pressure is released when opening the steam bucket

In K Cup Coffee Machine when not in use, it is important to note that open the steam drum, make the pressure inside the full release, because now most of the Coffee Machine adopts high-pressure boiler structure, if the release of the pressure inside the fuselage is not reasonable, so, can make its damage.

2. The inlet and outlet shall not be covered with soft objects

In the use of K Cup Coffee Machine, also note automatic Coffee Machine and the water entry 'mouth, cannot use soft cover, which may lead to its internal temperature is too high, overheat the Coffee Machine, internal circuit were damaged, even fire, at the same time, also note that when using its own heat dissipation, don't pay attention to the heat dissipation window jams.

3. Be careful not to leave any coffee powder around the steamer and filter

The K Cup with good quality Coffee Machine it is important to note that the use of rules, such as can not let the steamer or around the filter, had Coffee powder, because it can make the boiler into the air, affect the quality of the Coffee, at the same time also can make Coffee grinding is not sufficient, there may be more residue.

4. Do not manually adjust the stable motor

Using K Cup Coffee Machine, and be careful not to artificial adjusting voltage motors, because sometimes the Coffee Machine in water too little, too hard or Coffee beans, Coffee Machine into the air, may be sleeping water pressure gauge display value deviation, then need to stop immediately, to release the pressure inside the furnace, again, not artificial adjusting voltage motors, in also want to choose good quality when choosing K Cup Coffee Machine, so that we can save a lot of complex operations.

Above is the use of K Cup Coffee Machine related matters needing attention, must strictly abide by, at the same time, the Coffee Machine of various accessories can not cross use, generally, whatever the Coffee Machine, after working for a period of time, be sure to let it have cooling and cooling time, prevent damage from overwork.

The advantages of the K Cup Coffee Machine

1. Special appearance. Unique shape, fashionable beautiful, delicate and rich texture; Humanized design, the operation is more intimate. Whether it's office use or household use, it can reflect individual tastes.

2. Taste advantage. Different K Cup Coffee Machine produces a different Coffee taste. Currently, the mainstream products in the market are intentional and American K Cup Coffee Machine. The high quality coffee machine can produce high quality Italian coffee with high quality in accordance with strict working methods. Full function, can make a lot of fancy coffee.

Excellent quality. At present, our country K Cup Coffee Machine shop is still in a disorderly period, the market competition is very intense, many brand quality good and bad are mixed. But K Cup Coffee Machine is a strong brand, the product quality is superior, and the after-sales service is very reasonable.

4. Easy maintenance. Because when you have finished your Coffee, you will be cleaning your K Cup Coffee Machine. It is easy to remove and install the K Cup Coffee Machine. But the coffee pot should be regularly descaled to extend the life of the coffee pot. The method of descaling is to fill the tank with vinegar and let the vinegar all drip into the coffee cup, repeat once, then rinse with water again.

When coffee was introduced to China from Brazil, it was popular with many young people. Under the influence of this new culture, we can not worship foreign things, but choose to discard the dregs. The selection of K Cup Coffee Machine should be different from person to person. K Cup Coffee Machine must be a composite of most people's requirements.

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