The Strong Market Demand Of China's Nespresso Coffee Machine

- Jul 11, 2017 -

The strong market demand of China's Nespresso Coffee Machine

In China, the Nespresso Coffee Machine has quietly arrived. A nationwide survey of the post-80s and post-90s consumer groups found that two out of every 20 people use the automatic Nespresso Coffee Machine. There are 15 people who are willing to try it, but there are no similar outlets in the environment of life and work. Three people have not heard of such products. So the market prospect is huge.

The strong market demand of China's Nespresso Coffee Machine

In recent years, many merchants of Nespresso Coffee Machines have seen the prospect of this industry, but so far, no well-known brands have been formed in the industry. So the automatic coin drinking industry needs a brand to be born, and thousands of investors need to know and join this great industry.

Data show that China's coffee consumption is huge, sales has more than 20 billion years, annual growth rate of over 30%, but also restricted by making and drinking coffee in a certain extent, restrict the development of the industry. Nespresso Coffee Machine, 24 hours unattended, automatic sales, a key to complete the production of coffee, make coffee making become so simple; Small and lightweight, can be placed at will, make coffee drinking no place limit.

All kinds of places, such as school, the world of the machine, make the money for the business people. Internet cafe, library, office buildings, offices, government departments, enterprises and institutions, foreign affairs window, television, newspaper, bank, game rooms, apartments, hotels, bars, KTV, hotel, fast food, supermarket, shopping malls, railway stations, airports, gym, beauty salon, fitness center... It can be used as a place for gold to be placed in the chonnese coffee machine. The love of the consumer will become the power source of the Nespresso Coffee Machine. Operating Nespresso Coffee Machine in our country is a brand new industry, huge demand, blank market, bring us endless business opportunities. The emergence of China will certainly lead to a revolution in the automatic drinking and coffee industry.

Bernays sent Mr. Coffee machine were merchants since listed as an artifact, powder on the top of the coffee machine will have a business of the public, customers simply out his phone and pay attention to the merchants of the public, with WeChat qr code scan merchants of qr code, and send the instruction will be able to enjoy the incomparable rich coffee, also can DIY design and bernays sent on its own line of coffee machine dialogue, through the interaction with customers and to enhance customer experience, if you want to make a profit, of course, no problem, WeChat payments and pay treasure is fully supported, which cup half price set by you completely, even tired of drinking coffee can change to other drinks instant powder. Bernays sent Mr. Coffee machine can play the merchant of video ads, image ads, let the customer at the time of a coffee subconsciously looked at the merchant's ads, it achieved the effect of a kind of propaganda, efficiently and enhance customer experience, give attention to two or morethings powder that is the magical thing about this bernays sent Mr. Coffee machine!

Specifically, there are four main functions of the coffee machine with micro-cafe, which can be the best way for aspiring entrepreneurs to enter the mobile Internet.

1. Strong absorption powder; By focusing on the free way to drink coffee, the light is attracting users and leaving WeChat ID! The user gets the coffee in three steps. Scan, focus, send commands.

2. Suitable for various environments without WIFI. (with 3G modules) only the cell phone signal and 220V conventional power supply can be used. The equipment can be placed in airport, station, shopping mall, restaurant, hospital, etc.

3. WeChat payment can be set up, and the first offer can be set by itself, and the second charge will be charged. There is no delay between absorption and profit.

4. Both small and small companies and businesses can use the micro-coffee service Nespresso Coffee Machine to gather the popularity, lock up the accurate users, disseminate the brand value, and comprehensively improve the performance.

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