The Seasonal And Malfunctioning Of The Beverage Of The K Cup Coffee Machine

- Jul 20, 2017 -

The seasonal and malfunctioning of the beverage of the K Cup Coffee Machine

As the seasonal shift has changed, so has the demand for the products that have been sold by the K cup. Summer, K main selling cold drinks a cup of coffee machine, its main use is the refrigeration function of automatic drinK Cup Coffee Machines, and in the winter, K is given priority to with hot drinks a cup of coffee machine sales, its main use is a coin-operated coffee machine heating function, and because of above reasons, K coffee machine factory for the production of all kinds of K coffee machine is also different.

The processing method of K Cup Coffee Machine failure

The reason for the failure of the K Cup Coffee Machine is that the K Cup Coffee Machine is broken. The other is the sale of in-vending products, which will appear "no goods" on the vending machine, and if the "change" is turned on the machine, the change will fall off. But the above two cases, no matter which kind of, buyers need to dial the vending 24-hour service hotline, according to the related personnel of the tip, of course, if it is the first one is a cup of coffee, you will need to inform your K Cup Coffee Machine address, wait until the responsible for personnel to the scene to solve, the number is in commonly K coffee machine be marked on the body.

K a cup of coffee machine is generally won't appear these failures, mainly because some customers don't know how to operate a K Cup Coffee Machine purchase and produce misoperation caused, for example, K a cup of coffee machine for the identification of a bill, which requires the notes must be at least eighty percent new; In addition, it is the problem of finding zero: there is no recovery, the balance is recovered slowly and the reason of the test.

The K Cup Coffee Machine is a new form of commercial retail, developed in Japan and Europe in the 1970s. It is also known as a 24-hour mini-supermarket. In Japan, 70 percent of canned beverages are sold through a cup of coffee machines. Coca-Cola co., the world's leading beverage maker, has 500,000 drinks and a cup of coffee in the world. In all parts of Japan, there are 5.5m K cups of coffee machines (according to 1998 statistics), with sales of 6 trillion 8969 million yen, the world's largest. In the vending machine on display screen, enter the product number and purchase quantity, money and, after the goods will come out from the pickup mouth, even from food K coffee machine can also buy a warm noodles and rice. Though Japan's K coffee machine total pounced just below the United States, according to the statistics for 6.89 million, 1997), however, from the population number is the highest in the world, has an average 35 people in the United States, and Japan to 23 people possess one.

In the 17th century, there was a K Cup Coffee Machine in a small pub in England. In the long history of the k-cup coffee machine, Japan has developed a practical k-cup coffee machine, which is something that has been going on since the turn of the century. Japan's first k-cup coffee machine was the "stamp postcard vending machine", which was introduced in 1904. It is a machine that integrates the sale of stamp postcards and mail boxes. The real popularity of the k-cup coffee machine was after world war ii. In the 1950s, the "water sprinkler K cup coffee maker" was so popular that juices were sold in paper cups. Later, in 1962, there was a revolution in the circulation field of the K Cup Coffee Machine. In 1967, all currencies under 100 yen were changed to COINS, which promoted the development of the K coffee machine industry.

Now, the K Cup Coffee Machine industry is going towards informatization and further rationalization. Way such as online, by phone lines will be K inventory information in a timely manner within the coffee machine send all operating points of computer, to ensure that the goods sent, supplement and selected goods smoothly. And, in order to prevent the earth from warming, the development of K Cup Coffee Machine is dedicated to energy saving, and the energy saving and energy saving drink K Cup Coffee Machine has become the mainstream of the industry. Power consumption peak in the summer, even in this kind of model K a cup of coffee machine off the cooler can maintain a low temperature, under the condition of compared with the previous K coffee machine, it can save 10-15% of its electricity. In the 21st century, the K Cup Coffee Machine will also be further to save resources and energy and high functionalization.

The K Cup Coffee Machine is a cup of coffee beverage, which can serve both cold and hot coffee. It can be used as an investment or as an employee benefit.

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