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- Apr 19, 2017 -

Latte Coffee is a classic blend of Italian espresso with milk, and Italian people also like to take iron as a breakfast beverage. Italians in the morning's kitchen, usually cooked coffee and milk at the same time on the sun-lit stove. The Italians who drank iron, rather than the Italian espresso, they liked the milk, and only espresso could give an unforgettable flavor to the ordinary milk. Italian latte (CaffeLatte) requires a small cup of Espresso and a glass of milk (150~200 ml), with more milk and less coffee in latte, which differs greatly from Cappuccino. The Iron coffee practice is extremely simple, is just cooked in Italy concentrated coffee pour near boiling milk. In fact, the addition of how much milk is not fixed pattern, can be freely allocated according to individual tastes. If the hot milk is coupled with some foam cold milk, it becomes a cup of American latte. Starbucks's American latte is made in this way, the bottom is Italian espresso, the middle is heated to 65 75 milk, and finally a layer of not more than half a centimeter of cold milk foam. If the milk is not exothermic, and the two tablespoons of milk foam is decorated directly in Italian espresso, it becomes the Macchiato ha coffee called EspressoMacchiato by the Italians.

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