The Emergence Of Coffee Capsules

- Apr 19, 2017 -

The idea of the coffee capsule was born in 1976, the capsule-type coffee machine dedicated. Under Eric Favre's leadership nestle unveiled the world's first coffee capsule Nespresso. Eric Favre, as a coffee connoisseur, visited countless Italian cafes and tasted thousands of different flavors of espresso coffee. He found the boss making espresso different methods in a Roman café named Sant' Eustachio when it operates the espresso machine often because of the complexity of the machine fault and the flip handles, so that a large number of compressed gases into the glass body, and thus inspired by the development of today's people see the coffee capsule products. And in 1986, Nestle officially independent of its coffee capsule department, Nespresso SA established, inventor/founder Eric Favre become CEO. 1989 Eric Favre left Nestle, and set up his own independent coffee capsule company MONODOR, to be able to focus on the coffee technology of his lifelong effort to exert the utmost. 2000, began cooperating with LAVAZZA to popularize the technology and products of its coffee capsules.

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