The Coffee Machine Needs To Know The Maintenance Method

- Jul 03, 2017 -

The Coffee Machine needs to know the maintenance method

The technology of Coffee Machine is perfect, and it is the purpose of serving customers better, so that it can enjoy the aroma of coffee. But no matter how expensive the Coffee Machine is, if it is not maintained and properly maintained. It is also likely to cause damage to the machine and affect the user experience. The use of the entire coffee machine will also be shortened. The following is a brief list of the maintenance methods for some Coffee Machines:

One, Coffee Machine beans, should be determined to avoid the use of water in the process of entering into the bean bin. The use of sundry beans also hurts the grinder of the Coffee Machine.

Two, Coffee Machine's cistern cannot add warm water, hot water, ice water or even mineral water, must use pure water.

3. In the process of adding powder to the Coffee Machine, avoid the mixing of water in the powder bin.

4. After a long period of Coffee Machines, water scale is formed in the boiler of the coffee dispenser due to the water quality. It can result in hot water and a lack of the refined state of the coffee liquid, which can affect the taste of coffee. So you should use the coffee dispenser regularly to clean up the scale of the coffee machine.

5. The coffee dispenser of coffee machine, due to long washing, can cause the loss of lubricating oil in the core of the extraction machine. Affects the function of normal coffee. Increase the friction of the extractor, making it obvious that the machine can feel the strain, and the noise will increase. The professional maintenance engineer should be requested to clean the foam core with food grade water proof lubricant every once in a while.

In the process of making the coffee, the Coffee Machine will be filled with coffee grounds or coffee powder. Because coffee grounds or coffee powders can smell, it's easy to mess with cockroaches and bacteria, so make sure you make Coffee Machines clean. Therefore, professionals should be asked to remove and disinfect.

The maintenance mode of Coffee Machine should be carried out in daily maintenance. It should be gentle and careful in the process of use. The demand for coffee beans and purified water also needs to be specific when brewing coffee. In order to have a better coffee experience, it is important to carefully select from the sources of machines and beans.

Coffee is a familiar and unfamiliar drink for many of us. It is familiar with the survey, which shows that over 90% of people in a number of large and medium-sized cities randomly visit more than 2,000 consumers. It's strange because, although most people have had coffee, it's hard to come up with a list of ways to make a drink like tea, and the proportion of drinking habits is not high. The survey also showed that 90 percent of the respondents drank instant coffee, while more than one in 10 drank coffee and 30 percent drank other coffee.

Although coffee consumption in China has not yet reached the degree of thorough popular feeling, but it is this consumption characteristics for the coffee industry development provides a lot of space, especially in recent years developing very fast. According to the international coffee organization, compared with the 2% increase in global average, China's coffee consumption is astonishing speed growth by 15% per year, is expected to become the most potential of coffee consumption in the world, is the future of Chinese coffee industry development space is huge. The Chinese coffee market is expected to reach 300 billion yuan by 2020 and 1 trillion yuan by 2025. Though the coffee industry in China started late, but should seize the rare opportunities of development from growing coffee to coffee production, to build brand and expand consumption, the whole industry chain, the coffee industry bigger and stronger.

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