Nespresso Coffee Machine Should Be How To Maintain

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Nespresso Coffee Machine should be how to maintain
When using the Nespresso Coffee Machine, be sure to clean up, otherwise it will affect the taste of coffee, long time is not clean, bacteria in the coffee machine breeding, is not conducive to human health, coffee machine exists in the main material for the grease , So the use of hot water cleaning effect is better, but also with the coffee beans residue should be properly handled to prevent the inside into the coffee machine to make it damaged, then, in the daily Nespresso Coffee Machine should be how to maintain it?
First, the first head cleaning disinfection
The head is the Nespresso Coffee Machine is the most likely to contaminate the dust to produce bacteria, so it is necessary to do it in depth clean, you can use boiling water disinfection method to put the head in boiling water disinfection 1 to 2 hours after the air You can install the use of the same time, the outside of the head should also be regular scrub to prevent the surface of the material lost luster.
Second, the end of the coffee bubble will be used to clean the water distribution brush
Many people in the Nespresso Coffee Machine after use, there is no timely cleaning, will make the water residue on the large number of coffee beans residue and other impurities, long-term cleaning will make the water network breeding bacteria, Clean, affect the color and taste of coffee, the need for regular use of soft brush slowly clean water network, to ensure that non-water network clean.
Third, the professional melting agent cleaning drain
Nespresso Coffee Machine drain is one of the most difficult to clean, so it must focus on its handling, because the drain longer, so just a hot water rinse, it is difficult to remove all of the stains, and , Most of the drainage pipe for the coffee oil, so the need to use the solvent to clean, regular cleaning drainage tube, can effectively improve the service life of Nespresso Coffee Machine, especially the good quality of the bean coffee machine, Clean, to prevent the quality of its impact.
When purchasing a Nespresso Coffee Machine, try to complete the auxiliary equipment as much as possible, because each person has a different taste, and this device pay more attention to the coffee machine cleaning, it should be cleaning utensils and brewing aids and so on. You can ask the business whether to support ounce cups, coffee cups, pressure hammer, pull flower mold, pull the needle, cleaning brush and other ancillary products to avoid the high cost of purchase alone; in the daily use of coffee machine should be strictly in accordance with the instructions to avoid illegal operation While shortening the life of the coffee machine. Here Xiaobian to introduce you to the use of Nespresso Coffee Machine a few notes.
First note the timely cleaning of the boiler
Currently on the market most of the good quality of the Nespresso Coffee Machine boiler for the stainless steel, if the coffee machine to use more frequently, the boiler wall often white precipitate, so to clean the boiler in time to avoid the pollution caused by the coffee machine heating speed Slow down or extract the temperature is low, affecting the taste of coffee.
The second note not to coffee beans long-term placed in the equipment
Most of the well-selling Nespresso Coffee Machines have a large amount of content, so many people are accustomed to storing coffee beans in a coffee machine, but if the coffee machine is used at a lower frequency, be careful not to put coffee beans in the equipment for a long time , Because the coffee beans in the absorption of air moisture will swell, the next grinding easy to use when blocked.
Third note Do not use corrosive solutions to clean the extractor
The extractor is one of the core accessories of the Nespresso Coffee Machine and needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. However, in principle, the extractor can be washed with only water soaked and can not be soaked with a corrosive solution. Extractor life, and will affect the taste of coffee.
Fourth note that the operation of the state do not carry out other operations
When the Nespresso Coffee Machine has been installed after the specified procedures for the extraction of coffee, do not operate other procedures, do not pull out the coffee machine power, this will greatly weaken the life of coffee machine, in particular, to remind you in the coffee machine working , It is absolutely impossible to remove the water tank, which may cause irreversible damage to the machine.
The above is the daily use of Nespresso Coffee Machine a few notes. And the daily routine to avoid its frequent movement, bump or vibration, etc., this may also make Nespresso Coffee Machine life shortened, daily use to be strictly in accordance with the use of procedures and regulations, and to carry out regular maintenance, Where the cleaning of the main location can not be ignored, to prevent the coffee machine to block or breed bacteria.

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