Italian Commercial K Cup Coffee Machine Four Major Advantages

- Aug 11, 2017 -

Italian commercial K Cup Coffee Machine four major advantages
Italian-style K Cup Coffee Machine with pump-type coffee pot, and can be fully automated operation, can make the essence of coffee to be retained. This kind of K Cup Coffee Machine out of the coffee mellow flavor, strong aftertaste, so many high-end coffee shop and white-collar business district and so on using this K Cup Coffee Machine brewing coffee, but also makes the sales of fresh coffee is growing, The automatic K Cup Coffee Machine gradually into the public eye. What are the advantages of Italian K Cup Coffee Machines?
First production efficiency (grinding and extraction integration)
As a commercial K Cup Coffee Machine, the need for high efficiency, which can improve profit margins. But the traditional automatic K Cup Coffee Machine average efficiency is low, extraction time is too long, and Italian business hot K Cup Coffee Machine a key to create a strong coffee. Its internal design is reasonable, the coffee beans grinding into powder directly after the extraction, in a relatively short period of time can produce fresh coffee.
Second moderate pressure (good taste, palatability strong)
As we all know, if the K Cup Coffee Machine in the extraction pressure is too low, will make coffee extraction is not sufficient, a great impact on coffee taste, but also a waste of raw materials; but the pressure is too high lead to excessive extraction, Feeling, taste bitter, palatability is poor, but good quality K Cup Coffee Machine for high pressure extraction, but the pressure is moderate, so palatability is good.
The third function is strong (can produce a variety of types of coffee)
Many K Cup Coffee Machines can only extract a single type of coffee, but the kind of K Cup Coffee Machine's functional, but also extract American coffee and latte coffee, cappuccino and other types of coffee, coffee taste it is good.
Fourth clean simple (automatic cleaning, removable and more convenient)
The traditional K Cup Coffee Machine in addition to making the coffee taste feel poor, and clean is not convenient, which is one of the important reasons for its elimination. Instead of the K Cup Coffee Machine is a detachable structure, so it's cleaner more simple, many K Cup Coffee Machine also with a descaling function, allowing the machine to automatically descaling, greatly improving the efficiency of cleaning.
The above is the advantage of Italian K Cup Coffee Machine. And according to the different taste of the guests, this K Cup Coffee Machine can also achieve custom-style taste adjustment, so that the coffee produced to meet the needs of every guest's taste. Commercial K Cup Coffee Machine beans warehouse capacity, can achieve a lot of coffee extraction, in general, K Cup Coffee Machine more efficient, higher quality, making coffee taste better, cost-effective.
In the use of American K Cup Coffee Machine when the first coffee should pay attention to the dose of water. So you need to be sure to supply a few people to drink and probably the amount of drinking, and then to the K Cup Coffee Machine to add pure water, the need to make a few cups of coffee to add much water and pay attention should be based on the scale of the tank. But need to pay attention to is sure to add pure water, if you use tap water then boil to be natural to cold, do not directly add tap water.
And then in the American K Cup Coffee Machine into the appropriate filter paper, many friends do not understand why to put the filter paper, this is because the use of filter paper on the one hand can make coffee better extraction to make its taste more mellow fragrance, and the other On the one hand can effectively extend the life of American K Cup Coffee Machine filter.
And then add the coffee powder, as to how much need to add according to personal preferences to decide, under normal circumstances two cups of coffee can use twenty-five grams, if it is like a rich taste of consumers can be increased as appropriate.
Finally cover the American K Cup Coffee Machine lid and start the equipment power to start brewing coffee. Usually in the cook for two or three minutes when there will be coffee began to drip down slowly, as long as you can wait, until the brewing is completed, the cooked coffee poured out and then add their own taste and sugar and cream The

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