Identify The Quality Of Nespresso Coffee Machine Three Points

- Sep 25, 2017 -

Identify the quality of Nespresso Coffee Machine three points
Coffee beverages because of its unique taste, but also has a refreshing effect, in the market has become one of the many consumers favorite drink, while the use of Nespresso Coffee Machine to cook their own coffee has become a trend. Nespresso Coffee Machine quality, practical and so on directly determine the cooked coffee taste is good or bad, and whether the perfect perfume preservation. Here we come to understand the quality of Nespresso Coffee Machine to distinguish three points:
1. Material: Currently on the market mainly use the material there are three, including stainless steel, aluminum and paint plastic. Stainless steel and aluminum alloy material Nespresso Coffee Machine better quality, use a long time, because of its material properties also make these two types of coffee machine has a very good stability, not easily because of bump and easy to damage. Aluminum alloy for the paint plastic Nespresso Coffee Machine, in the choice of the type of plastic from its internal, as well as additives and thickness to identify. Good quality Nespresso Coffee Machine choice of plastic material must be green and safe, the thickness of the national standard, stable performance (strong acid and alkali resistance, good thermal stability, not prone to excessive thermal barrier cooling), not because of The temperature is too high and distribute any smell, while the external paint coating is smooth and even.
2. Nespresso Coffee Machine operating parameters: coffee machine parameters of the situation is a direct manifestation of its performance. Including its work when the heating temperature, built-in motive power, bubbler vibration frequency, built-in pressure size are all decided to Nespresso Coffee Machine cooking coffee taste, taste an important factor. It is worth to believe that the Nespresso Coffee Machine parameters must be in line with the best use of the standard, in particular the rated voltage rated current must be in line with the national grid home use standards, its power, bubbler frequency, built-in pressure, etc. are Can be adjusted according to the actual amount of coffee and coffee category, while the most safe and energy-saving areas.
3. Working noise: Nespresso Coffee Machine in the work of the sound of its issued by the size of the performance can also indirectly reflect its performance. The quality of the Nespresso Coffee Machine is very high precision, the use of advanced and mature grinding technology, while equipped with optimized silencer accessories, not only the issue of small noise and low energy consumption.
It can be seen that the choice of Nespresso Coffee Machine when the quality of its quality can be used from the material, the parameters of the situation, as well as the degree of grinding coffee to distinguish. Choose a good quality and good quality Nespresso Coffee Machine can not only cook a good taste, delicious mellow coffee, but also to better clean and maintenance.
There are a variety of different types of coffee machines on the market, and the Nespresso Coffee Machine is one of the most popular coffee machine varieties, good quality Nespresso Coffee Machine program must include such as temperature control, the amount of cup Control, the amount of coffee beans to adjust the amount of pre-milling and so on, then in the choice of a suitable for their own Nespresso Coffee Machine with what special tips?
1, should be adjustable to meet the needs of different coffee containers
The different requirements for coffee powder are not the same as the requirements of the coffee powder, the coffee in our home, the espresso machine, or the coffee maker, The pot is medium, and then the drip coffee pot or the American coffee machine is relatively thick, by adjusting the quality of good Nespresso Coffee Machine nuts can make it to adapt to different requirements of different coffee containers.
2, Nespresso Coffee Machine has excellent corrosion resistance
Because the coffee from its nature is acidic, so in the purchase of Nespresso Coffee Machine to pay special attention to the choice of grinding core metal, high-quality Nespresso Coffee Machine grinding core with excellent corrosion resistance , Such as through the ductile iron special treatment of the grinding core than the ordinary cast iron movement has a better corrosion resistance.
3, see Nespresso Coffee Machine products work
Nespresso Coffee Machine is our life to increase the taste of a small furniture, whether in the office furnishings or home use, should be able to play Nespresso Coffee Machine used handy, watch the enjoyment of the advantages, so Naisi Pine coffee machine products work or exquisite appearance are the main points of choice.
Choosing a worthwhile Nespresso Coffee Machine is a technology that live, different types, grades, and prices that have many differences, and the process of making coffee is also called the romantic art of coffee by taking into account the three main points Will be able to choose the most suitable for their own coffee machine, began to enjoy the taste of pastry coffee mellow taste of life.

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