How Many Type Of Lavazza Coffee Bean Do You Know?

- Feb 10, 2018 -

Qualita Rossa
In Italian, Rosea is the first pleasure of your day. And this one is being enjoyed by coffee lovers all over the world. Balance all the key features is a secret to make a coffee. Alcohol, smoothness makes this formula has the soul of South America and black Africa. Robusta beans from Africa give alcoholicity and chocolate scent, and natural Brazilian Arabica emphasizes alcoholicity and soft scent. Levi's baking process combines all the above features to give a smooth, jaw-like feel. It is perfect for breakfast, because it blends well with milk, and it's great to eat with baked goods such as bread, cookies and more.
Formula: 30% Robusta beans 70% Arabica beans
Baking degree: Medium baking (MEDIUM)
Alcohol degree (BODY): 4
Applicable equipment: red filter cup / Moka pot / American pot / siphon / filter press kettle


Cream E Gusto-Forte
A recipe that has obvious characteristics and personality. Mocha pot can be used to make. It has a mellow, mellow, intense taste. Compared to Rosa coffee, this formula is more mellow and the flavor is more intense. The deep baking process enhances the natural alcoholicity and the intense chocolate flavor of Robusta beans from Africa and Asia.
Formula: 20% Arabica beans
Baking degree: deep training
Applicable equipment: Moka pot / espresso machine


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