How Do You Feel Coffee Capsule And Machine?

- Jan 05, 2018 -

Capsule Coffee Machine is a type of coffee machine in Italy, convenient and fast, fully automatic brewed coffee, really is the most convenient and best coffee machine. Capsule coffee is ground coffee beans into coffee powder, and then loaded into aluminum capsules. Put an end to ordinary coffee beans or coffee powder after contact with air sour, oxidation and other issues. So every time I make a very fragrant coffee, it is because the capsule well preserved the freshness of the coffee, so to speak, every cup retains the roasted beans within 4 hours after grinding fresh, so the taste is quite good And oil foam is also very rich, very smooth. In addition now the taste has also been more and more perfect, more room for selection. Coffee beans or coffee powder can only guarantee the freshness of the first cup of coffee. It is in this context that coffee capsules are another way for people to handle coffee. Because of this small package of coffee, completely through the time and space constraints. You can put a drink after 1 year, but also to ensure that tastes like one. This will keep the coffee fresh for up to 12 months. Every time you open a pack, you are actually making a cup of coffee with a cup of ground coffee. This must be the freshest, and the cups are all fresh.

Put a capsule in the capsule coffee machine, 25 seconds to make a cup of espresso espresso coffee, can be made into a variety of Italian coffee dishes. Because the latest generation of soft capsule coffee machines use the Italian professional acupuncture and pressure system to extract the charming red ocher crema espresso produced exactly the same and professional cafes semi-automatic commercial coffee machine comparable to the effect than the domestic automatic coffee machine Greatly improved.

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