How Do You Choose The Proper Place To Install The Coffee Machine

- Aug 02, 2017 -

How do you choose the proper place to install the Coffee Machine

Whether to sell something, first of all need to be in the place where people can see, so will get high traffic place to buy things, but usually, here where the rent is relatively expensive, so a Coffee Machine, its good to solve the problem to some extent, but also to the life of people brought a lot of convenient. So how can you use the placement points to improve the profit space during the Coffee Machine operation?

First of all, Coffee Machines should be located in areas where there is more traffic. Such as car parks, subway stations, squares, hotels, beaches and shopping stores. Second, another good place for a Coffee Machine is where people need to wait or stay long. Such as beauty shops, barbershops, car maintenance centers, public car stations, railway stations and airports. The last good place for a Coffee Machine is a place where everyone likes to stop, such as a gas station, a train station, a parking place, and a place to eat.

Generally speaking, the guidelines for the selection of Coffee Machine operators are mainly from the following aspects:

1. The direction of human flow;

2. The age structure compares the activity area of young people;

3. Areas with high demand for beverages.

Coffee Machines develop restricted factors as well as depreciation Coffee Machine skills

We all know that the Coffee Machine industry is not developing very well at home, so have you ever wondered what caused it? In fact, there is a limited understanding of Coffee Machines in China, and it is only a device, not a consumption reversal. Second, Coffee Machine is a site of the said products and choose the conditionality, from the point of the trajectory of Coffee Machine, its sheltered location basically need in some capacity is larger and more populated places, and the products are sold are meager profit but high turnover of products, but this would require the investment cost, and its level of service and consumer spending levels are limited.

Although Coffee Machine in domestic development is not very ideal, but Coffee Machine in the future will be able to become a consumer fashion, this is without doubt, so we now how to use the limited cost through Coffee Machine business? In fact, a second-hand Coffee Machine is a good choice.

Secondhand Coffee Machines typically cost between 40% and 75% of the price of a new Coffee Machine. So how do we pick a Coffee Machine when we choose a secondhand Coffee Machine? First of all, we need to know about Coffee Machine of machine production date (if the Coffee Machine for more than five years, is determined to give up), mainly considering the aging Coffee Machine and update maintenance problems. Secondly, we need to pay attention to the manufacturer of the Coffee Machine, from which we can learn the manufacturer's production scale, life span and product technology level. Of course, we also need to understand the brand issue of the core components of its products, thus reducing the maintenance risk of second-hand equipment and making it easier to use.

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