Grinding Beans Nespresso Coffee Machine Purchase And Grinding Essentials

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Grinding beans Nespresso Coffee Machine purchase and grinding essentials
Grinding beans Nespresso Coffee Machine purchase and grinding is equally important, Xiaobian often found in the life of some coffee shop spent a lot of money to buy grind bean Nespresso Coffee Machine, grind out of coffee taste, or some coffee Friends grinding technology superb, but because of the use of grinding beans Nespresso Coffee Machine poor, so the taste of coffee has always been lacking, in order to help the majority of coffee to solve these troubles, bubble out delicious coffee, Xiaobian tell you about grinding beans Nespresso Coffee Machine purchase and grinding essentials.
First, some coffee lovers love to use manual grind beans Nespresso Coffee Machine tight coffee, think this grind out of the coffee taste is authentic, hand grinder Nespresso Coffee Machine is divided into two kinds of metal and ceramic. Metal in the grinding time will be hot, so that the smell of coffee beans in advance volatilization; ceramic brittle, but the basic ceramic does not heat, so the resulting scent correction. Xiaobian suggest that everyone, in the case of ample financial resources must buy ceramic core grinding Nespresso Coffee Machine, in addition, each time after the coffee grinder to be grinding core, bean warehouse, powder box and toner cartridge Clean, do not leave residual coffee powder.
Second, no matter what kind of grinding beans Nespresso Coffee Machine, have to grasp the essentials: 1, the particle size should be uniform, if uneven, brewed coffee taste will not be coordinated. In order not to destroy the original aroma of coffee, grinding should be careful to ensure that the particles evenly. 2, to avoid friction heat, high-speed grinding of coffee beans, will produce heat due to friction, this heat will make coffee powder metamorphism, or the loss of flavor of coffee ingredients. Manual grinding, especially easy to produce heat, pay attention to slow grinding. 3, remove the fine powder, ground coffee beans, there will be some fine powder, such as mixed inside, brewing will release tannin and other bitter substances. Fine powders produce more in the use of electric grinder Nespresso Coffee Machines.
These are the grinding beans Nespresso Coffee Machine purchase and grinding essentials are these, I hope the majority of coffee as soon as possible out of myths, buy a suitable grinding Nespresso Coffee Machine, master grinding essentials, of course, coffee mill Routine maintenance is also very important, do not pay attention to clean and maintain the grind bean Nespresso Coffee Machine even if the price is expensive, repeated use of taste will be worse. Interested parties can understand the related maintenance issues.
Grinding beans Nespresso Coffee Machine allows you to truly grinding now coffee, taste the ultimate flavor of coffee. Many coffee recruits often overlook the grinder Nespresso Coffee Machine, which is very regrettable, and even many newbies directly in the supermarket to buy coffee powder to use. However, because of the increased contact area with the air, the oxidation rate of coffee powder is very fast. Only grinding beans Nespresso Coffee Machine, is now grinding coffee, the real reduction of coffee flavor.
There are also some people noticed grinding Nespresso Coffee Machine, but also know how to brew coffee, ground coffee will be better, but these people tend to know only one of them do not know the second, does not value the grind bean Nespresso coffee How the quality of the machine, that dozens of pieces in Taobao to buy a screw-type grinder grinding coffee is enough, but the screw-type grinder Nespresso Coffee Machine not only can not be processed into particles of coffee beans Even coffee powder, but also in the process of grinding beans produce a lot of heat, and coffee powder will accelerate the heating of oxygen, the taste dropped significantly. In addition, the principle of successful extraction of fine coffee (the first principle of uniform extraction), because the screw-type grinder grinding coffee powder coarse and fine particles, can lead to coffee extraction failed, so a good grinder In the field of specialty coffee is the first consideration of the best barista.
That's why you want to buy a grind bean Nespresso Coffee Machine and why you want to buy the best grind bean Nespresso Coffee Machine, the real reason for a cup of coffee brewing is not just pour coffee powder, red The hot water is so simple, you want to learn this process of coffee brewing, first learn to buy grinding Nespresso Coffee Machine is the basic course, and then further study on this basis until it becomes coffee coffee.

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