Coffee Machine Have The Advantages, And The Operation Mode

- Jul 11, 2017 -

Coffee Machine have the advantages, and the operation mode

Coffee Machine that in the domestic market constantly expanding, thus win the trust and support of countless people, today small make up simple dialysis and you about coffee vending machine has the advantages of and operation mode.

Automatic coffee dispenser, China is the largest, the earliest operation, the most complete production line, the most variety, the most suitable for the Chinese market fully automatic coffee beverage brand.

Coffee beverage machine is an upgrade of the water fountain. Over time, it will gradually replace the water dispenser. Zero-risk investment + high profit return [investment operation analysis]

The advantages of automatic Coffee Machine in orno:

1. Low project investment, low operating cost, very small investment risk (no one sells, no artificial rent)

2. Use instant coffee and fruit juice beverage milk tea raw materials and water, make hot coffee and other hot drinks through coffee machine, convenient and quick

3. The water temperature, water content and beverage raw materials have electronic full digital control, which can effectively and effectively save raw materials, without human contact, convenient and hygienic. 4. With electronic automatic counting system, automatic accumulative sales volume from 0 -- 99999 can not be made to zero, which is convenient for maintenance management. 5. Simple and convenient operation for consumers, saving manpower, time, automatic impact adjustment, automatic drop cup, excellent taste, 20 seconds to complete the sale process!

Although the small amount of money is collected, but the actual business is not arrears! 7. Super heating system, adapt to the school's hot sale don't wait!

8. Randomly give automatic coffee beverage machine to use maintenance CD VCD, convenient and direct! Look at the video and use the coffee machine, market prospect analysis:

With the development of China's socio-economic development, the per capita income level and consumption consciousness of each region have been increased, and the demand for Coffee Machine has increased. So the popularity of Coffee Machine will be more widespread in recent years. For market operation, preoccupation and preemptive market can be the first choice for business.

Often see coffee vending machine swallow money not spit the status of the goods, under normal circumstances, the coffee vending machine outside of the case will be fault contact phone number and contact person, as long as the phone call, they will be someone to repair, return money being swallowed. Although the money was paid back, but it reduced a permanent customer, I think the client would not like to come again.

It is understood that the reason for the failure of the vending machine factory in le coffee is mainly the human destruction and the improper operation of consumers. Of course, there are very few people who "fish in troubled waters". They often encounter this situation, and there is no record of failure in the machine, but they receive a rescue call asking for a refund. The problem is a headache, but not a big one. In fact the most disturbing their record is the coffee vending machine machine there is a problem, no consumer to call for help, who probably to no longer use Coffee Machine, this is a big loss for the company.

Coffee Machine are not a new thing in hangzhou, but I have never used them, and they are not comfortable with them. Later, I did some experiments to find out that the machine had a great relationship with the operation. Many consumers do not know the standard operation yet, so there are often some problems. Coffee Machine can only accept $10 and $5 bills. If you put in other paper money, you will have a malfunction of the machine. The money that the machine can accept must be 70% new, otherwise, the money will also get stuck by the machine; When the goods are not available, the consumers must pay attention to the withdrawal of the COINS. The COINS should be kept in a continuous line, and each coin should not be put in for more than five seconds.

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