China Coffee Machine Strong Market Demand

- Aug 22, 2017 -

China Coffee Machine strong market demand

In China, Coffee Machines have come quietly. A well-known website nationwide, after 80, 90 after the consumer group survey report pointed out: an average of 20 people per 2 people used automatic Coffee Machines; 15 people expressed willingness to try to use, but life and There is no similar point of sale in the working environment; there are three people who have not heard of such products. So the conclusion: its market prospects.

China Coffee Machine strong market demand

In recent years, Coffee Machines many domestic businesses have to see the prospects of this industry, but so far has not yet formed a well-known brands in the industry. So the automatic coinage industry needs the birth of the brand, need tens of thousands of investors to understand and join this great industry.

Data show that: China's huge consumption of coffee, with annual sales of more than 20 billion, annual growth rate of more than 30%, but the coffee production and drinking conditions to a certain extent, the constraints of the industry's development speed. Coffee Machines, 24 hours unattended, automatic sale, a key to complete all the coffee production process, so that coffee production has become so simple; small and lightweight, free to put, so that coffee no longer no restrictions on drinking.

A variety of places such as schools, the machine was the world, accounting for business opportunities were financial resources. Internet cafes, kiosks, hotels, fast food, supermarkets, shopping malls, railway stations, airports, campuses, offices, offices, government offices, foreign affairs windows, television stations, newspapers, banks, games rooms, apartments, hotels, bars Museum, beauty salon, body center ... ... can be a still strong Coffee Machine gold place. Consumers love, will become a Coffee Machine quickly became popular north and south power source. Operating Coffee Machine in China is a new industry, huge demand, the blank market, bring us is endless business opportunities. In China's appearance, will lead a automatic drinking equipment and coffee industry revolution.

What is online payment? Online payment refers to the transfer of funds through the Internet as a carrier.Using the bank to support a certain digital financial instruments, occurred between the buyers and sellers of financial exchanges, and from the buyer to the financial institutions , Online money payments between merchants, cash transfers, fund clearing, and query statistics, thereby providing financial support for e-commerce services and other services.

Different Coffee Machines have different payment methods, generally have the following three categories:

1. Coffee Machine IC card payment type, support a variety of IC card payment, including UnionPay cards, Yangcheng pass, card and other easy to use. According to the number of configurable background service system unified management.

2. Mobile payment type, support mobile phone call or send text messages to buy goods within the machine, you can choose deductions and no deduction in two ways, according to the number of configurable background service system, with strong trends.

3. Coffee Machine Coin payment type, MDB standard coin system to support paper money, coins to pay, to support the coin to change, with high security capabilities and improve the anti-theft system, is the most common and convenient way to pay. The user can select the relevant function as needed.

In the present is still more popular second: mobile payment type. After all, now the phone is very popular. With more than Alibaba, Coffee Machine Alipay and more than 180 banks at home and abroad and VISA, MasterCard international organizations and other institutions to establish strategic cooperative relations, as financial institutions in the field of electronic payment the most trusted partner.

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