Automatic Pod Coffee Machine Need To Know How To Maintain

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Automatic Pod Coffee Machine need to know how to maintain
Automatic Pod Coffee Machine technology is perfect, and is better for the purpose of customer service, convenience can enjoy the aroma of coffee. But no matter how expensive the automatic Pod Coffee Machine, if not timely maintenance and proper maintenance. It is also very likely to cause damage to the machine and affect the user experience. The Pod Coffee Machine will also shorten the useful life. The following are some automatic Pod Coffee Machine maintenance methods Jane:
First, automatic bean Pod Coffee Machine beans warehouse, we should resolutely avoid the use of water into the bean compartment inside. The use of coffee beans that contain impurities can also cause damage to the grinder under the bean hopper of a fully automatic pod coffee maker.
Second, automatic Pod Coffee Machine tank can not be added to warm water, hot water, ice water and even mineral water, be sure to use pure water.
Third, the automatic Pod Coffee Machine in the process of adding powder, to avoid moisture in the powder doping.
Fourth, the long-term use of automatic Pod Coffee Machine, due to water quality reasons, more or less automatic Pod Coffee Machine in the boiler to form scale. Will lead to hot water is not hot as well as the coffee extract less refined state, affecting the taste of coffee. Therefore, we should regularly use automatic Cappuccino machine dedicated calcium tablets to clean Pod Coffee Machine inside the scale problem.
Fifth, full-automatic pod coffee maker espresso machine, due to long-term flushing, will lead to loss of lubricant on the movement path. Affect the normal coffee brewing function. Increase the friction of extraction machinery, making the machine brewed coffee obviously felt hard, and the noise will increase. Should be from time to time to ask a professional maintenance engineer to clean the brewing movement plus food-grade waterproof lubricant.
Sixth, automatic Pod Coffee Machine in the process of making coffee inside, because the coffee grounds or coffee powder spilled, and then caused the accumulation. Because coffee grounds or ground coffee will give off fragrance, cockroaches and breeding bacteria, so often to do fully automatic Pod Coffee Machine cleaning. Therefore, professionals should be disassembled to clean and disinfect.
Automatic Pod Coffee Machine maintenance methods to be implemented into the routine maintenance, in the process of using them as far as possible to be gentle and careful. For coffee beans and pure water requirements in brewing coffee also have some stress. In order to have a better coffee experience, carefully select the source of the machine and coffee beans.
Fully automatic Pod Coffee Machine placement is very important, which will not only affect the Pod Coffee Machine function, but also Pod Coffee Machine itself, maintenance and repair have a role. Automatic Pod Coffee Machine can not be placed against the wall, this will affect the mechanical cooling function. At least ten centimeters above the wall. Fully automatic Pod Coffee Machine placed on the table as flat as possible, or Pod Coffee Machine table top level in the case of poor support caused by the machine noise is too large, there are coffee making function is not smooth state. Fully automatic Pod Coffee Machine as far as possible placed in a dry, ventilated room is more appropriate.
Avoid frequent moving automatic Pod Coffee Machine, there is a strong external impact. Otherwise it will affect the Pod Coffee Machine's overall function. To use a 220V dedicated power outlet, it is best to have a current protection. Otherwise not suitable for the current will lead to Pod Coffee Machine leakage may also be burned. If there is a long period of idle period does not use fully automatic Pod Coffee Machine, the machine should be the total power off. And in the bean Pod Coffee Machine clean and dry beans positions. Automatic Pod Coffee Machine is brewing coffee in the process, if not yet finished running. It is forbidden to move any part of the Pod Coffee Machine.
Should be used before checking the Pod Coffee Machine inside the tank is still pure water or pure water may be too small, if there is no advance

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