The choice of coffee machine

- Apr 19, 2017 -

First, the type of coffee machine should be determined. General Professional coffee shop, coffee bar, Italian traditional manual coffee machine is the first choice. Because in these places, well-trained professionals use the Italian traditional coffee machine, instant grinding, brewing, not only to create a thick coffee flavor, and the air filled with the aroma of coffee, so that guests can experience the unique charm of coffee. The Hotel café, restaurant, bar, office is more automatic coffee machine. Because these places large passenger traffic, demand concentration, the choice of automatic coffee machine will fully display its convenience, high quality advantages, so that guests can in the shortest time to enjoy the quality of the constant quality of excellent coffee, the physical and mental satisfaction. China's coffee machine market is still in a disorderly stage, the market competition is very fierce, individual foreign manufacturers of backward technology of foreign unsalable models into the Chinese market, some unscrupulous businessmen to domestic machine impersonating commercial machine, confusing semi-automatic and automatic machine, from which profiteering, the user. Some users spend a lot of money buying or cheap, or a bunch of industrial rubbish.

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