Development of packaging machinery industry in China

- Apr 19, 2017 -

China's food and packaging machinery technology moderate, cheap, with obvious advantages of quotation. Our country exports to Europe of food and packaging machinery product quotation only by the International mall 1/3 may 1/4. China's self-supporting production of a "automatic filling and Packaging machine" can be in the absence of vacuum chamber in the case of vacuum. And Germany similar equipment, not only demand in the vacuum chamber vacuum, the speed is only 70% of our products, quotation is 5 times times the price of our products. The future of China's food and packaging machinery exports continue to adhere to the advantages of the quotation together, should increase the large-scale equipment and high-tech products export share, try to seize the technical commanding heights. China's packaging machinery manufacturing water steep level of industrial design through imitation, introducing technology and funds and the globalization of buying and so on the rapid expansion. Today, China's packaging machinery Manufacturing company is very simple through globalization to buy some key parts, and then sensitive forward equipment of the technical water steep reliability.

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