Coffee machine Considerations

- Apr 19, 2017 -

1, please do not use coffee machine. 2, before operating the coffee machine, please note that when the boiler pressure pointer reaches the green area (1~1.2bar) is available; use when steam rods, hot water outlet nozzle and cooking outlet temperature is very high, please do not expose your hand to avoid the vicinity of the damage caused by high temperatures. 3, the regulator motor pumping attention to observe the pressure gauge whether the water pressure on the green area (8~10bar). 4, to prevent the risk of overheating please keep the power supply smoothly, ventilation entrance, outlet can not be blocked; The warm cup rack is not covered with towels or similar things. 5, the cup must be completely dried before the warm cup can be placed on the shelf, warm cup shelf in addition to the cup plate do not put other items. 6. If the coffee machine is not used for a long time, please shut down the power supply and release the pressure in the machine boiler completely. 7, machine equipment, any fittings can not be used wire, steel brush and other types of goods brushing; You must use a wet rag to scrub carefully. 8, the appropriate amount of coffee powder into the cup hand in the filter and pressure handle carefully compaction, do not let the coffee residue on the edge of the filter cup, avoid the cooking process of air enters and reduce pressure, but also prolong the life of the head washer.

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