Automatic Cup Sealing lavazza coffee filling machine

- Aug 16, 2017 -

lavazza coffee filling machine

is specially designed for coffee products (or other kinds of powder

products, such as tea powder, cocoa powder etc. ),liquid products to be filled and sealed. Our 

lvazza coffee filling machine applied with world famous electrical 

and pneumatic components. All the parts of machine contact with powder are 

made of stainless steel.PLC touch screen control.

Work Processing:

Falling cups:Cups drop down one by one automaticly.

Falling filter:Filters drop down one by one automaticly.

Press filterPress filter tight.

Tank mixingMixing coffee powder.

Filling coffee powderAuger filling type.

Press coffee:Press coffee tight.

Blow away powderBlow away powder on the mold and edge of cups.

Sucking putting foilsVacuum arm suck and put foils.

First sealing0-300 degrees, can be adjusted.

Second sealing0-300 degrees, can be adjusted.

pushout finished cupsPush-out finished cups to a platform.



1.lavazza coffee filling machine is manufactured by our professional workers.

2.lavazza coffee filling machine with a strict inspection before out of storage.

3.lavazza coffee filling machine uses a large number of 304 stainless steel.

4.lavazza coffee filling machine food uses good quality electric elements.

Adopt high and new technology, we created highest level coffe capsule filling and sealing machine  in China.

Quality as the guiding principle, customer first, service foremost.

More information on lavazza coffee filling machine :

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