Automatic Coffee machine

- Apr 19, 2017 -

High-quality automatic coffee machine in accordance with the most scientific data and procedures to brew coffee, and all have a sound protection system, the use of convenient, just a gentle press on the coffee, its convenience is better than the traditional coffee machine products. The structure is more complex, need good maintenance, maintenance costs are the disadvantages of the machine. However, the automatic coffee machine convenient, fast, quality consistent, high efficiency, operators do not need to train and other prominent advantages to make it more and more customers. Manufacturers in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and other countries to produce the main automatic coffee machine, a wide variety. Switzerland made the automatic coffee machine design ingenious, unique. Italian manufacturing Automatic coffee machine, the appearance of concise, stable quality and reliable, and all in the international coffee machine industry enjoys a reputation. The number of cups brewed coffee per hour (usually from 60 cups per hour to 280 cups) is divided into large, medium and small, wide variety, applicable to offices and families.

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